Spring '24 Hip Hop Dance NYC


Intro to Hip Hop Dance NYC (2nd-5th grade) on Wednesdays 

May 1st-June 19th 

In this beginner hip hop dance class, our students will work with our teacher to choreograph a series of hip hop dances, with the goal of instilling confidence and a love of dance in our young learners.

Dive into the vibrant world of hip hop dance with our Intro to Hip Hop Dance Class, designed specifically for young enthusiasts in 2nd-5th grade. This class is a perfect blend of fun, energy, and creativity, offering students the chance to explore the foundational movements of hip hop in a supportive and dynamic environment. This class is open to all kids that fit the grade level requirements.
*Please note, in the unlikely event our hip hop teacher is absent and we do not have a hip hop teacher to substitute on that day, Genius Gems may substitute one or more classes with a science experiment and the opportunity for kids to design their own choreography for that class period.