Genius Gems After Dark

Adult Events

Make your next night out a truly magnetic experience by hosting it at Genius Gems in Chelsea, NYC! Enjoy use of our 10,000 square foot space for your event, where groups can participate in building and engineering challenges, design your own projects at our Design Bar, and so much more!

Please email us at to book your group.


Our indoor event space features building areas, a design bar, a cafe, a glow-in-the-dark room, and more for your guests to explore. Our thousands of magnetic tiles will provide for teambuilding activities that challenge your creativity and engineering skill!

There's no shortage of fun activities at Genius Gems! Team up to participate in competitive activities like timed building challenges, tower defense, and even building skyscrapers while blindfolded! Our Design Bar is also open and ready for you and your guests to express your creative genius. One Design Bar Token is included with every ticket!


And what event is complete without refreshments? Enjoy our open bar and cafe (one drink token is provided with every ticket!). If you're a part of a larger party, you can choose from our food and drink packages to provide for up to 100 guests. Email us to order these in advance and learn more!

Food and Drink Packages

Basic Package: Basic beer & wine (pinot grigio and pinot noir), and soft drinks for two hours
$550 + tax for up to 20 guests
$2,200 + tax for up to 100 guests

Premier Package: Includes full wine and beer bar, including champagne for two hours
$750 + tax for up to 20 guests
$3,000 + tax for up to 100 guests

Hors D’oeuvres
Basic Package: cheese and grapes platter, mezze platters (fruit and veggies), and assorted chips and dips for two hours.
$450 + tax for up to 20 guests
$1,800 + tax for up to 100 guests

Premier Package: everything in the Basic Package plus mini pizzas for all guests, for two hours
$750 + tax for up to 20 guests
$2,800 + tax for up to 100 guests

Example Activities

Timed building challenges in teams
Teams to try to complete our Genius Gems Building Challenges within the time limit!

Blindfolded tower building
Construct the tallest skyscraper you can with you team while blindfolded.

Tower on Stilts
Teams work to build towers on stilts. This one is sure to challenge your engineering skills!Tower defense challenge gameBuild the strongest tower and try destroy the other team's tower.

One teammate is built inside of structure and has to break free!