Genius Gems NYC Field Trips: See More Details for the Cost and Experience



  • Genius Gems hosts field trips throughout the year, primarily for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. Designed by an experienced educator, our field trips focus on engineering, coding & robots, product design, and more. We would love to work with you to tailor your trip to your specific needs! 
  • Please see our COST section to understand the cost of the trip. While there is no cost to request a time slot, the trip is NOT free. Please read the cost section PRIOR to booking to determine if the cost of the field trip will work for your school. 


  • Constructing strong bridges using magnetic tiles
  • Learn the engineering principles behind building structures like bridges and skyscrapers
  • Design your own customized Glitter Tile at our Design Bar
  • Learn about our 3D printers and how our engineers at Genius Gems are working behind the scenes to create 3D printed parts, projects and our own STEM products!
  • For grades 3-6, we'll create a course for robots, learn about Ozobot, the toy design and production process, and more! We'll show you how an engineer takes a product from an idea to a prototype, to eventually a working product.


  • Please note that while there is no cost to reserve a date and time for the program, we will send you an invoice after you create your reservation based upon the information you use to fill in the form.
  • $22 per student for a 1.5 hour program, for a minimum of 15 students, as discussed below. No charge for chaperones. If your school is a designated Title 1 school, we offer a Title 1 discount of $18 per student.
  • Pack your own lunch and eat at Genius Gems NYC for an additional 30 minutes, for a total cost of $25 per student ($20 per student for Title 1 Schools). No charge for chaperones.

NYC Field Trips for Schools