Winter '24 Sibling Play Pass (with an adult)


Sibling Play Pass (with one adult)

Buy a pass for your younger or older sibling to play in our main space each week during the 45 minutes while your other child is in class! This pass is valid for the Winter '24 semester and during the specific day and time when class is in session only. If you have two additional children, please purchase two passes.

An adult must stay and supervise during this time. The cost of the play pass includes one adult and one child. Genius Gems is recommended for ages 4 and older. Kids must be supervised at all times. 

Earn tokens for prizes and engage in creative and engaging challenges!

The cost is $249 for the semester. Please note, this pass is only valid for the specific time while your other child is in class. If you visit Genius Gems during a different time, then you will need to pay for regular general admission tickets or purchase a membership. No refunds or credits will be offered for being unable to attend a day.

While our team is on the floor to assist, an adult is expected to supervise their child at all time. Genius Gems may not be appropriate for children under the age of 4, who may not developmentally be ready to follow rules, respect others' projects, and build in a social environment. Children that destroy projects intentionally may be asked to leave.

On adult admission is included in the Play Pass, any additional guests that are accompanying your child will need a regular general admission ticket.

Please email us at with any questions!