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Please contact us at information@geniusgems.com if you are interested in additional activities or services that you don’t see listed on this page. We aren’t able to accommodate outside talents or performers, but we’ll try our best to coordinate a service that we can provide in house. Making your event special and fun is our top priority!

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Premier Projects

Engineering Projects
($99 + tax for 20 kids)

Basic Projects
(included with package price)

Additional Information

LED Project, Ages 6-8: Guests are guided in creating an LED circuit using an LED light and a battery pack, inserting it into a laser-cut shape they decorate. The shape is pre-selected by the host family.
LED Wand, Ages 7-9: Guests are guided in creating an LED circuit using an LED light and a battery pack, inserting it into the end of a wand they decorate.
LED Flashlight, Ages 7-10: Guests are guided in creating an LED circuit using an LED light and a battery pack, inserting it into a housing they decorate.
Motorized Fan, Ages 9-12: Guests are guided in wiring a motor circuit with a battery pack and motorized fan, inserting it into a housing they decorate

Glitter Tile, Ages 5-9: Guests are guided in choosing and arranging charms, gems, letters, and glitter to decorate their own Glitter Tile, which can be used on any brand of magnetic tile.

Slime, Ages 5-12: Guests are guided in using our clear base slime, glitter, colorant, and other add-ins to create their own slime. Depending on availability, there is an option of choosing glow-in-the-dark or color-changing powder to slime for an additional cost.

For parties with more than 20 guests, we recommend the LED Project, Slime, or Glitter Tile to ensure that the party stays on schedule.

Parties may choose either slime or Glitter Tile as their project. Selecting an engineering project, such as the DIY flashlight or LED project, will be an additional cost of $99 for 20 kids. There will be an additional cost of $5 for every child beyond the initial 20.

One project is provided per child. The host family may select one project for their party. Projects are taken home by the party guests at the end of the party.

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Food and Beverage Packages

Beer & Wine Package: $350 + tax
4 wine bottles of choice and 24 beers. Additional bottles of wine and beer is available for an extra cost. Champagne is excluded.
Beer Package: $200 + tax
24 assorted beers.
Mimosa Bar: $350 + tax
3 bottles of champagne + orange juice in our champagne flutes. Additional bottles available for an extra cost.
Non-alcoholic Beverage Package: $75 + tax
Purchase a mix of still and sparkling waters for your guests, a total of 24 bottles.
Bring Your Own Bottle/Beer: Corking fee
$40 + tax for the first bottle, $20 + tax additional bottles. Bringing beer or hard seltzer is $6 + tax per can.
Coffee Bar Package: A La Cart
If you would like to pay for coffee and tea for your guests, please let us know and we will set up a tab for you.

Pizza: $28 + tax (plain cheese) $32 + tax (vegan) $18 + tax (Gluten Free mini pie)
Additional pizza, pizza for adults, gluten free pizza, and vegan pizza can be purchased.
Cotton Candy Machine: $275 + tax
Cotton candy made fresh for your party guests to enjoy.
Popcorn Station: $199 + tax
Popcorn made fresh from our popcorn machine for your party guests to enjoy. (One serving per child)
Cheese Platter: $99 + tax
A delicious variety of cubed cheeses for your party to enjoy. Serves 16.
Veggie Mezza: $99 + tax
Fresh veggies, hummus, and dolmas served with olives. Serves 16.
Fruit Platter: $75 + tax
A platter with a variety of fresh fruits, sliced and sure to make for a sweet celebration. Serves 16.
Ice Cream: $75 + tax
A variety of cold treats are available for your party. This option includes one treat per child attending, up to 20 kids. Our selection includes dairy free and gluten free options. $4 + tax per additional child over initial 20.
Breakfast Platter: $99 + tax
Includes an assortment of mini muffins, croissants, and scones. Serves 16.

Adults are welcome to spend time in our cafe area during the party. Food purchased for the adults will be set up and available in our cafe area.

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Goody Bags & Extra Services


Option 1: $15 + tax per bag
Includes: A Genius Gems "gem" pen, a flashlight, 3 fabric Glitter Tiles, one 5 token piece, a slap bracelet

Option 2: $25 + tax per bag
Includes: Everything in option 1 and a package of Genius Gems Glitter Tiles

Option 3: $50 + tax per bag
Includes: Everything in options 1&2A and a DIY Glitter Tile Project Set

Extra Time: $400 + tax (Premier) / $750 + Tax (VIP Glow Party)
Buy 30 extra minutes for up to 20 (Premier)/30 (VIP Glow Party) kids and their adults. There is an additional charge of $10 + tax for every child over the initial included. The extra building and exploration time of our first floor level will take place after the 1.5 hour party experience. Children must be supervised by their adult at all times. This option is not available for Premier Plus Parties.

Glitter Tattoos: $300 + tax
Make your party extra glamorous by having your guests receive temporary glitter tattoos! During your party, one of our dedicated staff members will apply temporary glitter tattoos to up to 20 guests.

Swiftie Add-On Package: $299 + tax
Make your party Swiftie themed with specially themed plates, decorations, trivia games, and a bracelet making station! Please note that in order to accommodate these extra activities, building time may be reduced or cancelled. If time allows, we will set up a special building themed building challenge! Accommodates 20 kids, with an addition $5 for ever child beyond the initial 20.


What if the birthday child gets sick?
In the event of extenuating circumstances such as sickness or injury, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule the party at a mutually convenient date. Unfortunately, as per our cancellation policy, we are not able to offer refunds for party cancellations.
Which decorations can I bring?
We do not provide decorations for any of our packages. You are welcome to bring balloons as long as they are attached to a weight. We ask all families to take balloons with them when they leave. You are also welcome to bring any thematic tablecloths or plates, as we only provide standard plates, utensils, napkins, and tablecloths. Unfortunately, we do not permit anything to be hung or taped to our walls (no banners or piñatas, please) or confetti. We also do not allow sparklers of any kind (even small ones), as they are a fire hazard. Thank you for understanding!
How soon can I arrive?
You may arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled party. Please note, our staff may be simultaneously cleaning up from the previous party or event.
Can I have additional staff members to assist with my party?
If available, additional staff members can assist with your party for an additional cost of $125.
What is the gratuity policy?
We are currently working on an official policy for gratuity. Please check back again soon!

What is the structure of the 90 minute party?
As guests arrive, they will be brought to the tables in the party room, we welcome them to Genius Gems, and begin the take home project. Following the project, guests will be shown around our facility and be able to build challenges as well. Afterwards, guests will wash their hands and get ready for pizza, juice provided by Genius Gems! If you provide a cake or cupcakes, we will help serve this as well after we sing happy birthday. If you provide any goody bags or purchase them from us, they will be distributed at the end of the party, along with the project that each child made at the party. Parents should pick up their kids promptly at the end of the 1.5 hour party. If they do wish to stay after and play in our main space following the party, they will be asked to purchase tickets on our website.

Would it be possible to book a party for a time or date not listed on the website?
If you would like to book a party at a time or date not listed on our website, please contact us via email, and we will try our best to accommodate you!

Can I have cake or balloons delivered for the party?
Deliveries must be on the same day as the event, during business hours, and we must be notified in advance. We do not have fridge or freezer space available for cakes. Genius Gems is not responsible for any delivery mishaps
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at information@geniusgems.com. As we sometimes get quite a few emails, please allow us up to 72 hours to respond before following up. We're excited to celebrate with you!