Genius Gems Membership Cancellation and General Policies

I understand that a 1 month membership permits 1 adult and up to two children two years and older to visit Genius Gems during the available membership times and subject to the conditions described below. I agree that the only adults and children who can use this pass are those specifically named on this application. Misuse of this policy may result in termination of your membership. Membership packages that include additional adults and/or children may be purchased on the website. 

I understand that this membership pass is valid for general admission/open play during available hours slots only. I understand that in order to reserve a slot, I must use my code to reserve tickets prior to entering Genius Gems. If a slot is sold out or otherwise not available for any reason, I must find another time to attend Genius Gems. I understand that on a busy day, there may not be available slots for members if I do not book in advance. No walk-ins will be permitted. I understand that this pass is not valid for classes, camps or mini-camps, birthdays or other special events, which must be purchased separately on the website.

I understand that membership is valid for 30 days from the purchase date, depending on the membership option. For example, if I buy a one month membership on June 1st, the membership is valid through June 30th. If I book a slot during a time my membership is not valid, then Genius Gems reserves the right to forfeit my time slot. I may risk the ability to become a member in the future for booking a time slot that is outside of my membership window.

Memberships will not be extended or paused due to a member's travel, sickness, vacation plans, failure to visit Genius Gems, or any other reason. No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations prior to the expiration of a membership. It is the member's responsibility to book their slot using their unique membership code, which will be provided to them via email. MEMBERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO USE THEIR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS TO AVOID CODES BEING SENT TO SPAM. Members may book up to one slot per day. 

*I understand that if I opt in to a recurring membership, I must cancel on-line prior to the 30 day anniversary of my membership, following the instructions provided via e-mail. Recurring memberships that are not cancelled prior to the 30 day anniversary of a membership will automatically be charged for the next month at the rate set forth on the membership page, which may be higher than the original membership rate.  Members must cancel their own membership using the portal, this is not the responsibility of Genius Gems to cancel a member's membership prior to the renewal. 

I understand that if I issue a chargeback to contest a membership charge, Genius Gems reserves the right to charge me with the chargeback fee, and I may jeopardize my ability to become a member in the future at Genius Gems. Genius Gems has the right to deny any disrespectful customers the right to become a member. Membership at Genius Gems is a privilege, not a right or a guarantee. Any questions on membership should be emailed to 

I understand that ONLY the adult(s) and child(ren) that I have specifically listed in this Membership Application are authorized to use this membership. I understand that Genius Gems reserves the right to require valid ID to establish the identity of anyone presenting this membership. 

I understand that membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.   

I hereby agree to abide by all rules, instructions, policies and procedures imposed by Genius Gems or its representatives relating to the use of Genius Gems' facilities or property. I understand that Genius Gems members must be supervised by the adult on the membership at all times. I understand that my membership may be terminated at any time for failure to abide by the rules set forth by the Genius Gems staff.