Genius Gems Haunted House

Join us this October to take part in our Haunted House! From October 14th to 31st, admission to our Haunted House is included with every general admission ticket.

 General Information

Q: What is the Genius Gems NYC Haunted House?

A: The Genius Gems NYC Haunted House is a special event held in our Glow in the Dark Room. The room will be transformed into a spooky yet family-friendly haunted house, complete with glowing magnetic tile creations and decorations.

Admission and Timing

Q: Is the haunted house included with general admission?

A: Yes, access to the Haunted House in the Glow in the Dark Room is included with your general admission ticket.

Q: What are the dates and times for the Haunted House?

A: The Haunted House will be open from October 7th to October 31st, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm daily. If you wish to book an after-hours party for teens or pre-teens, please e-mail us at to discuss the details.

Age Appropriateness

Q: What is the recommended age for the Haunted House?

A: The Haunted House is designed to be family-friendly and is initially suitable for children ages 5-12. However, as Halloween approaches, we will stay open later and our staff will step up the scariness factor to entertain an older crowd. Boo!

Safety Measures

Q: What safety measures are in place?

A: Genius Gems staff will be present to supervise and ensure the safety of all participants.

Special Features

Q: Will there be any special magnetic tile creations in the Haunted House?

A: Yes! Expect to see spooky structures built from our unique Glitter Tiles and Candy Tiles, which add a special touch to the haunted house experience.

Q: Can we build our own spooky structures?

A: Of course! Visitors are encouraged to add their own creepy magnetic tile creations to the Haunted House.

Additional Activities

Q: Will there be any other activities in the Haunted House?

A: In addition to exploring the Haunted House, you can also participate in challenge cards tailored to the haunted theme and earn tokens for successfully building projects.

Robot World and Design Bar

Q: Will Robot World and the Design Bar be open during the Haunted House event?

A: Yes, Robot World and the Design Bar will operate as usual, offering Ozobot line-following robots and DIY Glitter Tile or slime-making experiences respectively. Both will be enhanced with special Halloween themed activities in October.

Private Parties and Classes

Q: Can we host a private party in the Haunted House?

A: Private parties can be arranged in our regular private rooms but will not be held in the Glow in the Dark Room during the Haunted House event.


For any additional questions or clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact us at!