Parties (NYC)

Celebrate your birthday at Genius Gems NYC, for your best birthday yet! 

 Our talented team will lead you and your guests in a 1.5 hour celebration that features the best that Genius Gems NYC has to offer.

Parties are for ages six and older only. Parties are drop-off optional. 

Premier Package ($1,400): 

The Premier Package costs $1,400 and includes the following:

  • Up to 20 kids and 20 adults included in the package.
  • If there are more than 20 kids attending, you will be charged $50 per child for any additional kids on the day of the party, up to 35 kids, and $39 per additional adult (pizza, water, seltzer is included for adults attending), up to 35 adults maximum. 
  • Choice of one individually wrapped ice cream treat (e.g., ice cream sandwich, water ice, or ice cream cup) for every child. 
  • 1 premium project per child, either an engineering project or slime. 
  • Enjoy our magnetic tile building and robot stations.
  • Dedicated party room space for your guests. 
  • Two party leaders will lead your guests in activities.
  • Pizza and juice are included, and pizza, water/seltzer is included for the adults. 
  • No outside food is permitted except for cupcakes. The host family can provide cupcakes or cake. 
  • Coffee, pizza, beer/wine, fries, smoothies, favors are available for an additional cost in advance.
  • This package includes a private party room, but does not include exclusive use of our entire space.
  • If you are interested in booking our entire 10,000 square foot space exclusively for your guests, please see the "premier plus" option below.

Premier Plus Package: 

Please contact us at if you are interested in booking all of Genius Gems Chelsea exclusively for your guests. Please kindly allow us 72 hours to reply before politely following up. Thank you and we look forward to celebrating with you! 

Party Project Options: 

Please choose one of the following: 

Light Up Wand, DIY Flashlight, or an LED project (Parrot, Robot, Pokéball, Flower, Unicorn) (Best for ages 6-8) Our staff will lead the birthday child and their friends in creating an LED light circuit using an LED light and a coin cell battery. Once they complete the circuit, they can decorate a wooden wand or project with gems and paint markers to their liking. After decorating, they’ll attach their light to create an LED light up project! 

Slime (Best for ages 6-12) Our staff will lead the birthday child and their friends to combine glue, colored water, and liquid starch to make slime! They also have the option of choosing two add-ins: colored glitter and/or foam beads. (Depending on availability, there is an option of choosing glow-in-the-dark or color-changing powder to slime for an additional cost) 

DIY Glitter Tile (Best for ages 6-9) Our team will lead the birthday child and friends in decorating their own glitter tile that will stick to any brand of magnetic tiles. Each child will receive their own glitter tile, and a choice of gems, charms, glitter and name letters to decorate the tile. 

Motorized Fan (Best for ages 9-12) Our staff will lead the birthday child and their friends in creating a motor circuit with a battery pack and a motorized fan. After making their circuit, they can decorate the tube that the circuit will go through with gems and paint markers. Then, insert their circuit and attach glow forge pieces for the top and bottom of the tube to finish their DIY fan!

Spin Art Machine (Best for ages 9-12) Our staff will lead the birthday child and their friends in creating a motor circuit with a battery pack and a motorized fan. They will attach their circuit to a glow forge base and add a base for their paper on top of the fan. Then they can tape a piece of paper on top, turn on their circuit, and make some spin art!