Winter '24 Engineering & Tech


Engineering and Maker Lab  (1st-3rd Grade)  

Step into the imaginative world of engineering and artistry! This course invites budding engineers and creatives to explore the fusion of artistic design, inventive thinking, and engineering through a diverse range of hands-on projects. Using Tinkercad and other innovative tools, students will dive into the magic of LEDs, circuitry, batteries, and motors, while also exploring the transformative power of 3D printing. 

Tech Creator Lab (3rd-6th Grade)

Step into the future with our Tech Creator Lab, a dynamic course designed to ignite the imaginations and technical skills of 3rd to 6th graders! This innovative class brings together the best of both worlds—engineering and coding—to offer a holistic STEM experience. Students will work on an array of cutting-edge projects that blend mechanical engineering with computer science. We'll dive into robotics using platforms like Vex and Microbit, enabling students to program robots that can perform complex tasks.